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Dryer Repair

Not all dryers are made by the same manufacturer and there are several differentiations among them, but they all operate the same way. They use heat as the tumbler is rotating in order to dry clothes. Any problem with the dryer’s parts will lead to failure to perform right, but also to safety hazards. That’s why the dryer repair experts of our company can be extremely helpful. We know what’s hiding inside your dryer, are updated with every new home dryer in New Jersey, are trained to fix them all and provide fast response services in Montclair.

Our team at Montclair Appliance Repair, NJ, is equipped to provide fast assistance, quick fixes, new installations and maintenance. Committed to helping clients avoid taking risks, but also improving the condition of their dryer so that it won’t consume enormous amounts of energy, our technicians can be your home’s best friend.

Tell us the dryer symptom! We offer dryer repair solutions

With years of experience, our washer and dryer repair professionals can easily detect problems. We make your life a lot easier by arriving on time for services, being well equipped and fixing your appliance in one visit. Don’t hesitate to share with us any related concern. If your dryer fails to function right, makes weird noises or is overheated, don’t use it. Call us! We check the blower wheel, the tumbler, belts, solenoids and all other parts in order to eliminate the suspect down to one or only a few parts. You can count on us to replace any defected and worn component once our Montclair dryer repair experts explain what is required and the overall cost of the service.

Proper maintenance by our dryer service experts

You will have peace of mind when using your appliance if you know that nothing obstructs airflow and all parts are recently checked. We provide routine dryer service and recommend annual or semi-annual maintenance to our customers depending on how often they use their appliance. By inspecting and maintaining all parts and the entire mechanism of your dryer, we make sure everything is in place and in perfect condition or we suggest replacements. We remove lint, take care of damaged parts, offer new dryer installation and are here to help you in a timely manner.

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